Fallen Rustic Log Glass Tea Light Candle Holder
Fallen Rustic Log Glass Tea Light Candle Holder
Fallen Rustic Log Glass Tea Light Candle Holder
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Fallen Rustic Log Glass Tea Light Candle Holder

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Fallen Rustic Log With Glass Candle Holder - Holds 3 Candles - Candelabra Tea Light Repurposed Upcycled Recycled Environmentally Friendly

A few years ago, the forest service in the state of Oregon had a program where they came thru heavily wooded neighborhoods, such as mine, and had a tree service come thru and help us thin our properties of dead, diseased and overpopulation of trees and shrubs to help reduce the risk of losing our homes in a forest fire. They cut down many trees on our property that I just couldn't see wasting in the wood chipper. So I saved them for an idea to come to mind. Now that I have started my own Etsy shop and begun my dream of woodworking, it is time to put all those logs to good use.

This is my first effort... I have taken a fallen log and planed it smooth on two sides. On one of the two sides, I have bored out 3 holes that fit these cool glass tea light candle holders that I found. I have removed all the dead bark to expose the natural sides of the wood and gave it several coates of a water base, low VOC, wood varnish. The glass candle holders are removable (see photo 2) and hold basic tea lights (included) or you can replace them with the battery operated electric tea light candles or votives.

Measurements and Info:
16 1/2" long by 3" at it's widest point by 2 1/2" tall including the glass candle holder

This is from a fallen Lodge Pole Pine from my home in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon

What you will receive:
One log holder, 3 glass candle holders and 3 basic tea light candles

Materials: lodge pole pine log,commercially made glass candle holder,commercially made tea light candle,Low VOC water base varnish.

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