UPS Access Point Info

Houser House Creations is a UPS Access Point Location.  

UPS picks up packages at our store Monday thru Friday at approximately 4:00pm.  At this time, ground pick-up is only available as a Next Day driver is not in our area for pick-up.  If your package is important and required expedited service, we recommend taking your package directly to UPS or a UPS Store.  We do have free UPS packaging materials and we also sell a limited selection of boxes and mailing supplies.

Services we provide:

Package drop off for UPS pick-up - If your package is all ready for shipping with a prepaid shipping barcode label, you can drop it off and UPS will pick it up.  

A prepaid label is one that you can either purchase directly from UPS on their website or websites such as, PirateShip, Easyship, etc...  Also, if you are an online seller with platforms such as Ebay or Etsy, you can purchase UPS shipping for your order packages.  

Pre-paid returns.  If you are returning something you purchased online and they have provided you with a pre-paid bar code label.  We cannot, however accept QR codes.  Amazon has a direct contract with UPS Stores for QR code processing.  Unfortunately, you must take the package (or unpackaged items) directly to a UPS Store to send those.

Pick up package left by UPS - If UPS attempted to deliver your package to your home and it required a signature, they may bring it to our store for you to come and pick up.  A photo ID of the person that the package is addressed to is required for us to release the package.

What we cannot do:

We are contracted to be only a drop-off and pick-up location.  Basically, UPS is renting our closet for this purpose.  We are equipped only with a phone application to scan in packages and have the customer sign.  Sadly, that is the scope of the application's capabilities.  

  • Sell you a postage label
  • Track your package
  • Answer questions or handle complaints
  • File lost package reports
  • File insurance claims
  • Process return packages with a QR code

What to do if you do not have a printer to print your prepaid postage label.

If you are able to save the shipping label as a PDF file, you can email it to us and we can print it for you for a nominal fee of $1.00.  Then bring your package in and we will tape the label on your box, scan it and it is good to go.  Our email address is